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Be balanced.
Be well.

Bringing you the power of Pilates Online!

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Get your hands on online Pilates work routines no matter where you are!

It's true that you won't feel my fist in your stomach, my foot on your ribs, or my hands squeeze your shoulders. But don't worry, my words and cues will help you expand, lengthen, and find your center just like I have my hands on you, which will give you so much more than a pre-recorded video!

 As an instructor, I love the idea of being able to teach someone anywhere in the WORLD. This opens up so many possibilities for teachers and students to learn. And if you're a super Pilates addict, you can still do your Pilates when you're on vacation or travelling.

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Why Pilates?

You probably know them already, but here are some great reasons why you should give it a try!

The Best Stress Buster

With Pilates, you get to feel and see results quickly. This becomes a source of motivation, and the intense full-body workouts give you an endorphin buzz that takes away all of your stress!

Tailored Workout Sessions

Pilates has become one of the best ways of exercising. Hitting the gym regularly can be a buzz kill. With Pilates, you can tailor workout sessions from the comfort of your home!

No Poor Posture

Everyone adores different Pilates programs. Everyone, from office-goers to athletes understands the way Pilates helps them to correct their posture and take away back pain for good!

Keeps You in Shape

An intense Pilates workout allows you to burn many calories at a time. The reason is that it gets you going on reformer workout with cardiovascular exercise.

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Rafaella is an excellent instructor. I highly recommend going to her studio in Cabarete. Since taking lessons with Rafaella I am standing straight, have no back pain, walking more, doing all the things that were becoming difficult with my back problems. I also lost weight in my mid section. She is patient and kind and makes sure that you never do anything that can cause an injury. It is like getting a private lesson as she watches all of her pupils and corrects you any time that you are doing a posture incorrectly. I will definitely come back to her studio next year and look for a studio in Canada . Feeling so much better . Thank you Rafaella for your patience and kindness.

Dianne Mannen (Toronto, Canada)

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Class Schedule

Dutch Group Classes

7:30 PM Brussels Time

Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Saturday classes subject to availability.

English Group classes

8:30 AM Eastern Time

Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Saturday classes subject to availability.

One on One Classes


Please reach out to me directly.



Please reach out to me directly.

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